John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum - Movie Review


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  • Sayak roy-choudhury
    Sayak roy-choudhury  8 hours back

    Why this movie shouldn't get Oscars? I mean just the fight scene with dogs and the underwater shooting scene should get them an Oscar. That shit was genius and I haven't seen this in any movie. Hated this review not going to follow for the same. This movie set new standards for a room movie specially with dogs.

    • Carmine Dome
      Carmine Dome  12 hours back

      I think John Wick is took alot from Big Boss from Metal Gear series

      • Carmine Dome
        Carmine Dome  12 hours back

        It was so good.

        • Tiqew
          Tiqew  12 hours back

          This was the worst fucking movie I've ever seen! What a disappointment! We had to leave early because it was so crinchy and shit.

          • Let Go
            Let Go  1 days back

            Great action movie 9/10👍
            Chris’ review 10/10

            • Mentor Arash
              Mentor Arash  2 days back

              my only complaint about this movie is the lack of story when compared to the others. But still really enjoyable.

              • Alex Nzigamasabo
                Alex Nzigamasabo  2 days back

                I got a theory on john wick motivations here, I believe that john before he met with the elder, he thought he was the only one in danger but after hearing the elder say that john has to kill winston to stay alive, he understands he has to get back to winston (the man who was supposed to kill him but didn't !) he decided to go back to winston because he is the only ally winston can have and John knows it! (the shots are aimed at his "suit" , what coincidence!)/winston knows the plans of Morpheus to take down the high table (winston said it himself "we are New York" not just the continental !)

                • Sreejith Menon
                  Sreejith Menon  3 days back

                  I hope they don't go overboard with action like fast n furious. So far they are keeping it real and with less CGI in a genius way.

                  • ANANY MAHARSIA
                    ANANY MAHARSIA  3 days back

                    Mission impossible is shit

                    • Ryben Flynn
                      Ryben Flynn  4 days back

                      OMG! Watching it now and where he is with Winston and the Adjudicator (about 1 hour 28 minutes) refusing to follow her orders, the Hotel has been Deconsecrated and Winston asks John what he needs.
                      "Guns. LOTS of guns. "Straight out of "The Matrix"!

                    • Cyber Bruiser
                      Cyber Bruiser  4 days back

                      I found this movie to be nothing but a repetitive first person shooter , I have been a gamer for 30yrs,this movie sucks bullets ha ha ,just a video game on god mod,sigh!!

                      • Marcin Niedzielski
                        Marcin Niedzielski  4 days back

                        There isn't a single fucking thing that makes sense in this movie including all the action scenes but it's so fucking silly its adorable lol, except the forced woke feminist and transgender non-binary bs, I could do without that propaganda.

                        • June 2099
                          June 2099  4 days back

                          I don't agree with your issue about John Wicks sudden 180 decision. He is John wick, he reloads fast, thinks fast, she's not a woman.

                          • Karim Amin
                            Karim Amin  5 days back

                            John Wick 4: John is critically injured and the dogs go out for revenge

                            • Jay
                              Jay  5 days back

                              Mission Impossible is SHIT you idiot!

                              • marcus larwa
                                marcus larwa  5 days back

                                I thought this was going to be the last move but the way it ended I’m guessing there’s going to be a 4th film.

                                • Artkidtek
                                  Artkidtek  5 days back

                                  It was great! As the movie gets closer to the end you realize that the story is still ok but it’s not amazing. But All fighting scenes are DOPE ASS FUCK!!

                                  • Leon Liu
                                    Leon Liu  5 days back

                                    Hi Chris, I subbed to your channel 4 years ago, every time I finished a film I'll come straight to your channel and listen to your analyze. I graduated from film major myself, but yet, every time I learn something from your analyze. Huge thanks!

                                    • TheLoneFry
                                      TheLoneFry  6 days back

                                      I've done martial arts for the majority of my life, and most of a fight is just trying to throw the other each-other to get an advantage like joint locks or choke holds. I think that criticizing the fight scenes on throws isn't invalid, just a little too critical considering how often they are used in actual fights. After all, the fight choreographer's didn't just add in throws for no reason, they've studied martial arts to create fight scenes that make sense.

                                      • abdelouahab youcef
                                        abdelouahab youcef  6 days back

                                        The end is too much

                                        • Adam
                                          Adam  6 days back

                                          I was halfway expecting for one of the dogs to pull out guns and start shooting. The movie was that Ludacris IMO.

                                          • Donnie Buenaventura
                                            Donnie Buenaventura  6 days back

                                            Are you piss John???


                                            • oneriskylife
                                              oneriskylife  6 days back

                                              I wanted to see high table guys getting fucked up.

                                              • aquafina331
                                                aquafina331  6 days back

                                                Is he in the matrix world,the city seemed so weird

                                                • Mr Heru
                                                  Mr Heru  6 days back

                                                  Hmm... More like heightened reality, Comic Noir

                                              • Happy Jew
                                                Happy Jew  6 days back

                                                Really good camera work.
                                                Easy to follow and dynamic but not extremely continuous.

                                                • bill nguyen
                                                  bill nguyen  6 days back

                                                  i have to say that despite the John Wick sequels being extremely entertaining, intense and perfectly filmed in terms of action scenes, they (JW 2 and 3) are just too silly and goofy the further we get to know this world populated with assassins and ridiculous rules, and because of that i cannot find myself enjoy either one as much as i loved the first movie. that first movie was a small and intimate story of a top-of-the-game assassin, grieving over his dead wife, the lost of his puppy which is the final gift from his wife, and also his car. the world of gangsters and mafia felt more realistic (though still a stretch), the motivation for John was clear and despite him going around murdering people, we feel for him and felt the pain every time he got shot or stabbed. but as we explore this world, it just gets goofier and goofier, like in the second movie when a sumo assassin got shot in the head but still alive and then John had to shot him again. and then in this movie, those Japanese assassins (wait, i just realized both of examples are Japanese, how strange) are incredibly cartoonish in the way they talk and act, they got me out of the movie. maybe it's my fault expecting a serious tone action film, when that's not what they are trying to sell from the beginning. still, as a mindless action fic, these movies are one of the best, just that in terms of plot they are mediocre at best. this is a 6/10 for me.

                                                  • bogart pogi
                                                    bogart pogi  6 days back

                                                    John Wick ch4 "A man killed by a Ruler" A [email protected] Ruler!!!

                                                    • ryukenb2k
                                                      ryukenb2k  7 days back

                                                      Hi Chris Stickmanm I am long time suscriber here. And I love your delivery and chilled out persona. But to be honest I think sometimes you are being a little bit like a groupie politician. I mean I usually take 99% of your reviews seriously but some of your I give you the dreaded side eyes look. Like yeah right my nigga. STOP IT. Most diehard marvel comic fans say the last spiderman movie was meh,Medicore,cringey teen with sprinking of social justice crap thrown in here and their. I have been on tons of marvel forums about whats going on in marvel film and comic industry. Marvel and disney are exploiting the casuals and giving long time hardcore marvel fans a sweet pimp slap with only the pinky. Doesnt matter if its only the pinky. Because in the pimp 101 handbook. It still the only certified pimp logic only logical to pimps. Anyhoo Mr. Stuckmann. I downloaded your far from home review to mp3 so I can listen later. After I will let you know whats up. I will watch intensely mighty Stuckmann. Hopefully you dont get stuck with typical kiddie goo goo im sooo entertained like so many marvel casuals.

                                                      • Alan Smithee
                                                        Alan Smithee  7 days back

                                                        This is the best John Wick movie so far. The first being second and chapter 2 being third

                                                        • Sir James
                                                          Sir James  1 weeks back

                                                          This film was EXTREMELY thrilling and entertaining! I found myself laughing with joy at the brilliant action scenes and I had so much fun. And the fact it digs deeper into Wick’s upbringing and introduces the assassin underworld on a wider scale is just brilliant!

                                                          • Lee Hernandez
                                                            Lee Hernandez  1 weeks back

                                                            I don't know how ppl like this movies
                                                            They're so stupid

                                                            • Bill 'I Did Not Bang That Woman' Clinton

                                                              B+ for breathtaking

                                                              • adamFIVE88
                                                                adamFIVE88  1 weeks back

                                                                Wait, do you live in a big city? I used to think the samething, that people would scream, or run, but trust me, after moving from a some what small town, to a giant ass city, people don't react to people being robbed, or stabbed, I even seen a guy getting the shit beat out of him in an alley, and everyone was just goin about their day, cops showed up like 30 seconds after I stopped, as they were doing a patrol. Hell, I was robbed just after taking money out of my bank, the guy ran, I chased after him, and no one stopped him, some people ignored us as we ran. They don't want confrontation.

                                                                • Joonha Shcal
                                                                  Joonha Shcal  1 weeks back

                                                                  It's a beautiful movie. There are a few issues but it's still amazing.

                                                                  • PETER PALMIOTTI
                                                                    PETER PALMIOTTI  1 weeks back

                                                                    OMG I just watched this movie and was blown away! It felt like a Jackie Chan flick. Its gorgeous to watch. Lots of fun and look forward to much more.

                                                                    • Aprilhippie
                                                                      Aprilhippie  1 weeks back

                                                                      6:18 Yeah quick spoiler

                                                                      There’s is literally a scene in the subway were people are murdered and no one and I mean no one reacts.

                                                                      • Hunter Terrell
                                                                        Hunter Terrell  1 weeks back

                                                                        They made Wick a jerk and a wimp with no compelling motive. He kicked like 7 people in the nuts, he was spiteful to the end of his fight with that bald Asian, whomst was a great character, looking up to wick, and wick was all like "no you won't". Wick knelt in front of 4 different people, consistently bowed his head, pledged his allegiance, cut off his own finger, and gave his wedding ring THE SYMBOL OF HIS MOTIVE to the bad guy so he could live. They must have had different writers, the dialogue wasn't up to par with the previous entries. The one thing that they did right was beat the living tar out of John wick, and set up a perfect motive for him to kill everyone in the 4th and set fire to the world.

                                                                        • heftland the hybrid
                                                                          heftland the hybrid  1 weeks back

                                                                          Not watching any of this cause idk if it will piss me off, just letting you all know this movie is SO FUCKING GOOD, there's not even words that exist to describe how fucking good this movie is HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT. This movie is a MASTERPIECE, a WORK OF ART, WOW!!!!!!!!! Oh my GOD it is SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                          • FiRsT nAmE LaSt nAmE
                                                                            FiRsT nAmE LaSt nAmE  1 weeks back

                                                                            The first 2 movies were good but the 3rd one was really bad. In my opinion it was just action, there needs to be a bit of story line.

                                                                            • aspi rine
                                                                              aspi rine  1 weeks back

                                                                              B- or lower perhaps, it was not as good as the first 2. Not by a long shot.

                                                                              • Savage Time
                                                                                Savage Time  1 weeks back

                                                                                You need to stop telling the audience how long or short the Actor or actress was in a movie that is considered spoiler territory

                                                                                • Cheapskate Gamer
                                                                                  Cheapskate Gamer  2 weeks back

                                                                                  This is by far the BEST ACTION MOVIE of all time. Can someone out their let me know what John's Body Count is? If I had to take a guess it has to be around 200 people by now. Talking about all 3 films to date!!!

                                                                                  • The Showstopper
                                                                                    The Showstopper  2 weeks back

                                                                                    your low iq can't understand john wick ~

                                                                                    • Stefan Koelsch
                                                                                      Stefan Koelsch  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Sucks, ridiculous conspiracy shit.

                                                                                      • Byz
                                                                                        Byz  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Don’t you feel like everyone John fights is just so incredibly stupid!!?

                                                                                        • AnoBananoSRO
                                                                                          AnoBananoSRO  2 weeks back

                                                                                          the reason why he turned his back to the guy above high table is because he gave him a choice: die or kill the boss from continental... well I would say as well I wanna live and get out of there... once im out doesnt mean im gonna kill the continental boss

                                                                                          • Ajax Blair
                                                                                            Ajax Blair  2 weeks back

                                                                                            Just watched it and I must say. Its unfair to give it a B man.

                                                                                            • K Chocobo
                                                                                              K Chocobo  2 weeks back

                                                                                              I used to like this guy until he gave John wick 3 a b+